The first ever
Targetprocess International Customers Summit

will take place in Berlin on the 16-18 of May, 2018. This event is Powered by You, so join us to share, learn and get inspired.

Meet us in person

Meet Targetprocess teams and founders to discuss your ideas in person, ask vital questions, and learn firsthand about our product vision.

Join the community

Mingle with other Targetprocess users, exchange your experiences and use cases, share best practices, and get inspired about new implementations.

Fly higher

Take part in workshops and discussions with Targetprocess experts. Walk away with ideas on how to increase the value of Targetprocess for your organization.

Your expectations

"Talk to Targetprocess development and product management teams."
Daniella Huang, IHG
"Get to know your company better, learn about plans, voice the concerns."
Pavel Bondarchuk, AutoMobile Technologies
"Discuss upcoming features and also brainstorm some new features that are crucial for our Organization."
Daniella Huang, IHG
"Be able to say thanks to the cool Support team. Hopefully, meet Kate and Egor face-to-face :)"
Maeve Carey, DistilledSCH
"At Quin we work to manage Agile transitions together with our Italian customers. It would be great to meet TP team and understand how TP could support this process!"
Luca Comello
"I would love to be able to work hands on with your representants to solve some of our workflow pain points."
Jan-Helge Hansen
"Sharing roadmap and the fit with customers needs. Customers use cases presentations: problems/solutions."
Jorge Colaço
"Meet the founders and development team and thank them for a great product ! Networking, roadmap, inspiration, learn, ..."
Jorge Rivero
"Discuss upcoming features and also brainstorm some new features that are crucial for our Organization"
Trayana Koleva
May 16-17 Conference Days
01Targetprocess Insider Stories

Meet the teams behind Targetprocess, and get the chance to chat with each of the five founders of the company. Hear our stories, enjoy face-to-face discussions with your ideas and questions, learn firsthand about our product roadmap, and hear about what we're working on right now.

02Customer Stories

We have both small startups and large enterprises using Targetprocess, and you'll get to hear about their experiences and implementation stories. You'll go home feeling inspired by new ideas and best practices, and be able to increase the value that Targetprocess delivers for your organization.

03Open Spaces

Mingle with Targetprocess teams and users from around the world, exchange your use cases and stories, share common challenges, and voice your concerns.

04Themed Labs

Spend qualitative time with Targetprocess experts to gain new areas of expertise, learn some tips and tricks, and uncover the tool's hidden potential.

05Talks and Drinks

Don't miss the opportunity to have a drink and enjoy the party with others in the Targetprocess community. We expect this is where the most interesting and thoughtful conversations will happen :)


Ask any question of the Targetprocess Founders, and get an answer! Join us at the conference, or connect remotely from anywhere in the world.

May 18 Workshops and Trainings
07Keep Learning and Uncovering!

We'll run a series of Targetprocess Workshops to let you dig deeper and increase your expertise in the topics you always wanted to learn more about:

Visual Reports Webhooks and Rest API Integrations and Mashups Targetprocess Administration Targetprocess at Scale Service Desk Test Management Views and Dashboards

Customer Use Cases

Enterprise Transformation Coach
"Evolution to a network organization with empowered teams using TP3"

A few years ago, the CEO of AE, Bruno Denys, was inspired by Niels Pflaeging’s talk: 'Organize for Complexity'.

This session will reflect this inspiration, and share ways to trigger and motivate high performing people, and to ultimately stimulate their entrepreneurship to achieve a higher grade of professional well-being.

Bruno will walk you through AE’s transformation journey of evolving from a traditional hierarchical organization to a network organisation. People and professional motivation are the driving forces in such a transformation. The session will illustrate this using real life examples on how Targetprocess was used to enable change. Get ready to learn about backlogs based on networked collaboration and short term value creation.

Thursday, 17th
Your Stories: Customer and Partner Presentations
Documentation Manager
"Moving a global industrial electronics organisation to agile delivery, and how the use of templates in Targetprocess helped integrate our hardware teams"

In the middle of 2015 Hirschmann started the introduction of agile processes. The presentation will give a short impression to our introduction of agile development. Two main topics will show, how Targetprocess can help to move to agile processes: collaboration between Agile Teams and templates for making refinement easy.

Thursday, 17th
Your Stories: Customer and Partner Presentations
Product Manager, Enterprise PMO
"Wargaming's journey with Targetprocess"

Maksim will overview Wargaming’s one-year journey with Targetprocess. He will discuss the main issues teams faced, as well as what goals were set and accomplished. He will also detail the company’s current product vision, and how Targetprocess fits in with their plans for the future.

Thursday, 17th
Your Stories: Customer and Partner Presentations
Portfolio Reporting Manager
"One tool to unite them All" – How we are using Targetprocess to manage delivery in PaddyPower Betfair

I will be talking about the creation of PPB and our selection of Targetprocess to consolidate tooling. How TP has helped in increasing collaboration, visibility, and reporting to manage the technical delivery across the new company. I'll finish with some of the upcoming changes we are planning to put in place.

Thursday, 17th
Your Stories: Customer and Partner Presentations
Innovation Director
"From traditional WBS to Collaboration platform"

For teams used to planning and managing projects with a typical WBS approach, adapting to Targetprocess (and Agile) can be daunting. It's more than just changing a tool—it means rethinking the way you plan and manage your projects. Targetprocess was implemented by several Business Units at Vinci Energies to give more transparency to projects using traditional PM approaches, and to provide an opportunity for teams to improve their efficiency and customer satisfaction while managing projects.

Thursday, 17th
Your Stories: Customer and Partner Presentations
IT Team Coordinator
"Driving Targetprocess adoption in an international 250+ people IT department."

Jorge Colaço is a computer engineer with 15 years of experience in the IT world. He’s played numerous roles over these years, starting as a developer and eventually moving through consultant, tech lead, project manager, and team manager.

Throughout the last 9 years, both Agile and Targetprocess played a transformative role at the organizations he’s worked with. He’s done Agile Scrum with both distributed and local teams from several countries. During this time, Jorge has learned and truly believes in the benefits that Agile can bring to a team and company.

Most recently, he helped Euroconsumers migrate from an onsite version of TP2 to the private cloud version of TP3. This change involved over 250 people distributed in 25+ teams across 5 different countries. Currently, he’s working on the TP governance team in Euroconsumers, as well as Team Manager for one development team.

Thursday, 17th
14:00 Lightning Talks
Product Owner Data-CRM
Process & Agile manager
"How to deal with agile in marketing department when you don't have feature teams."

M6 is a major French television channel that is part of the RTL group. For three years, we have been engaged in an agile transformation, starting with technical teams and leveling up one step after another.

Our challenge in 2016 was to vertically scale collaboration, and to align our project portfolio and decision-making with daily team work. Thanks to Targetprocess, we made a visual management board and can create bridges between delivery teams and top management, as well as our roadmap and budget.

In 2017, we engaged non-IT functions—such as Design, Product and Marketing teams—into the process. We will present how we solved this challenge using Lean Startup, Design Thinking, and agile methods, as well as Targetprocess for both our PPM and team collaboration tool.

Thursday, 17th
14:00 Lightning Talks
CEO and Managing Partner
"Digital Transformation in Healthcare — Insel Spital Switzerland"

Enacting digital transformation at healthcare institutions is a big challenge—not just for the IT department, but for the entire company. IT teams need to:

* capture customer requests
* prioritize and visualize their status
* order them to running projects and prioritize across projects, based on company strategy
* ensure that everything can be planned based on available team resources
* make use of different methods such as Scrum or PRINCE2 for the implementation of requests
* control the entire process, from demand to delivery

Insel Spital took on this challenge over a year ago. Jürgen Müller consulted with hospital management and helped the organization to undergo the necessary process and tool changes, ensuring that every step drove medical innovation and improved the resulting patient care Jürgen will tell the story of this transformation.

Thursday, 17th
14:00 Lightning Talks
Managing Partner
van Delzen
Managing Partner
"Grow your business with agile account management"

Experience how agile account management enables account conversion to the next level through continuous account planning, execution, and qualification. Multi-disciplinary account teams with the account manager as an orchestrator can bring spectacular business results. TP3 is the daily dashboard that Roeland and Jord use to make this happen in an agile way. They will share practical experiences, do’s and don’ts, and business results in their presentation.

Thursday, 17th
14:00 Lightning Talks
VP of Engineering
"How we implement the Earned Value Management in Targetprocess with custom fields and plugins."

Csaba's presentation will provide some examples and solutions on how to answer the most frequently questions about a project and its status. He’ll share several useful formulas and solutions that are used at OTT-ONE, and also demonstrate how to implement Earned Value Management in Targetprocess to make your usage of Targetprocess even more efficient and productive.

Thursday, 17th
14:00 Lightning Talks
Development Service Manager
"Targetprocess of non-IT use cases: Retrospectives Management, Meeting Minutes and Business Cases"

Alankar will be presenting a few unique use cases for using Targetprocess for general non-IT purposes. These processes and setups could prove useful for any organizations or teams looking to unify information on meetings, collective efforts, or customer support:

* A process for recording and updating meeting minutes
* A setup for sprint retrospectives
* Business cases for desktop support

Thursday, 17th
14:00 Lightning Talks
Head of IT at PortoBay Hotels & Resorts
"Target @ Hospitality"

Nowadays, the agile business context demands agile tools and agile people in order to keep focus and maintain a clear target. From busy to productive days, you must keep a transparent, up-to-date flow of data across all levels of the organization. This session will discuss how Targetprocess is helping PortoBay shift focus from urgency to importance, while being able to track status, measure KPIs, increase productivity, and drive organizational change.

van Dijk
Researcher of Agile in Education
"Agile in Education"

How can students learn without a fixed curriculum? How can they develop knowledge on self-reguIation, and develop innovative learning skills to support resilient citizens and (self)-employees? How can we design a learning environment that supports this?

Guido will answer these questions by sharing his experiences from the school Agora Roermond and the Fieldlabs Qeske in the Netherlands. He will explain how they create the possibility for everyone to grow and be an autonomous learner.

Relationships are a very important aspect of the agile learning society. To support the learning process, they use three tools: Targetprocess to make the learning process visible, Mauis as a tool where students store their learning outcomes, and LeX-Play to find experts, coaches, students, and field labs. Guido believes this method of organizing learning will catalyze innovation in education, and create a new agile mindset among students and educators. Using the Agile Learning Model, he wants to give schools a working framework to implement learner-centered education in the 21st century.

Thursday, 17th
Your Stories: Customer and Partner Presentations

Targetprocess Stories

Targetprocess Founder, CEO
"Future of Targetprocess"
Wednesday, 16th
9:30 Opening Keynote "Future of Targetprocess"
Targetprocess Fouder, Co-CEO
"Future of our collaboration"
Thursday, 17th
16:30 Closing Keynote "Future of our collaboration"
Targetprocess Founder, Head of Vizydrop and Targetprocess BI
"Visual Reports: Our Journey and Vision"

Oleg will share with the story of our visualization platform, Vizydrop: its creation and integration into Targetprocess. He will also give a quick introduction into the power of Targetprocess Visual Reports features, and shed some light on upcoming functionality.

Wednesday, 16th
Our Stories: Presentations by Targetprocess Teams
Targetprocess Founder, CTO
"Targetprocess Technical Transformation"

Targetprocess is a product with a history. After more than 10 years of development, we ended up with a monolithic application that was getting harder to change and maintain. It became clear that we could not proceed in the same way as before. In this talk, Nadia, Andrew, and Eugene will try to provide a sense of the deep changes that are now in progress.

Wednesday, 16th
Our Stories: Presentations by Targetprocess Teams
Feature Owner and QA in Core and Infrastructure
"Workspaces - a new way to scale"

From our own experience, we understand the problems that big customers face when tracking multiple projects of different domains in a single Targetprocess instance. In this talk, we’ll share our idea on how to address these problems using Workspaces.

Wednesday, 16th
Our Stories: Presentations by Targetprocess Teams
Head of Support
"Behind the Scenes of Targetprocess Support"

Our support team regularly receives positive feedback from users on their customer service. In 2017, we finished the year with a 99.7% customer approval rating from customers — one dislike for every 370 likes. We feel pretty good about this, so we've decided to share some details about our team: how we work internally, and how Targetprocess has helped us to evolve.

Wednesday, 16th
Our Stories: Presentations by Targetprocess Teams
Feature Owner in UX & Solutions
"UX & Solutions: Our Process, Practices, and Feedback Loops"

Alla will discuss our UX & Solutions unit: who they are, what they’re working on, what processes they have, and what practices are used to deliver value to users.

Wednesday, 16th
Our Stories: Presentations by Targetprocess Teams
QA and Feature Owner at Mobile
"The new mobile app — managing your work can be easy"

While project and team processes are becoming more and more custom-tailored (hence more complicated), mobile apps in turn are trending to be simpler and quicker. This talk will showcase which problems our mobile apps have faced, and how the decision to start developing a new app been made.

Alina will present our first prototype of the new app. It's designed to make completing your daily routine tasks while staying in the loop and communicating with your peers both easier and quicker. She will share our plans and expectations, and describe what problems the new app is supposed to solve.

Wednesday, 16th
14:00 Behind the Curtains
Designer Owner at UX & Solutions
"Design System: from Chaos to Order"
Wednesday, 16th
14:00 Behind the Curtains
Lead Software Engineer at Core & Infrastructure
"Custom rules 2.0: taking automation and integration to the next level"

New custom rule engine is intended to improve the work automation and notification capabilities inside Targetprocess and open up new integration facilities with external systems.

Wednesday, 16th
14:00 Behind the Curtains
QA and Feature Owner at UX & Solutions
Designer Owner at UX & Solutions
"New Notifications Center - Keep Informed"

Natallia and Pavel will be showing some early prototypes related to both the Notification Settings feature and our planned Inbox for Targetprocess. They’ll also share what else the team is working on right now, as well as their plans for the future.

Wednesday, 16th
14:00 Behind the Curtains
Feature Owner at UX & Solutions
"Detailed view customization - a step towards a flexible system"

We bet there's plenty of fields and tabs on the detailed view that you don't use. On the other hand, some important info is surely buried deep down in the 'Custom fields' section. We're here to fix this.

While building a customizable detailed view, we noticed that the same customization rules can be applied across Targetprocess. The goal is to allow you to shape Targetprocess according to your needs. We'd like to share our ideas and discuss them with you.

Wednesday, 16th
14:00 Behind the Curtains


TargetConf2018 will take place in the most elegant building in the vicinity — the Palais. This modern event space is equipped with a high-quality light and sound system, a flexible stage, and plenty of beautiful outdoor space. It's the perfect venue for this summer's Targetprocess customer summit.

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